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The Wardogs Baseball Legion program is comprised of the most elite & dedicated athletes in the Lloydminster, Bonnyville, St. Paul and North Battleford area. The program is intensive, competitive and produces drastic results. Admission into the Wardogs program is by invitation only, and its mission is to develop college-ready athletes and promote them to post-secondary programs with financial assistance through athletic & academic scholarships.

Wardogs High-Performance Team

The Wardogs High-Performance program is an intensive and rigorous training regimen that guarantees dedicated athletes play at the college level

The athletes are identified and selected based off of a combination of skill, attitude, work-ethic, commitment, and passion for the game of baseball

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To inquire about the Wardogs Baseball Legion program email

Baseball Bats

Wardogs Mission

Develop young athletes into community leaders & formidable competitors through a challenging & intensive training environment equipping them with the skills necessary to cope with failure, and achieve success in all facets of life.

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