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All collegiate and professional athletes achieve the same mechanical movements in the pitching delivery and swing, albeit with an individualized style, by sequencing the kinetic chain.
*Coach Herback-South is certified by Driveline Baseball in the Basics of Pitch Design & Youth Baseball Development, but utilizes techniques from a multitude of training outfits like Tread Athletics, Top Velocity, National Pitching Association and Texas Baseball Ranch. Coach Wheatley is certified in Youth Baseball Development.

The Bulldogs Baseball Academy specializes in training athletes the proper throwing, fielding and hitting mechanics using a variety of drills tools.


PITCHING/THROWING training  includes plyo-balls, medicine balls, tidal tanks, harnesses, racquets and Indian clubs to help athletes build proprioception and maximize efficiency while maintaining arm health.

FIELDING training emphasize the importance of footwork with agility ladder training that translates directly to fielding mechanics. In addition it helps players build confidence in their hands and eyes, ultimately creating a rhythmic and reliable defender.

HITTING training focuses on the core principles of swinging the bat explosively by understanding and utilizing the kinetic chain, while allowing athletes' to maintain individuality in their stance, load and rhythm. 




Develop the foundation for a repeatable, efficient & explosive delivery maximizing velocity, command & movement.


Build a powerful swing from a biomechanical approach by sequencing the body to consistently hit balls hard. 


Increase range, speed, agility and glove reliability to become a confident & consistent defender.

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