KAIDEN Evans-Anderson

Since starting his training with the Bulldogs in 2017, Kaiden improved to the AAA level and attended Prairie Baseball Academy for two years, but ultimately had to hang up his cleats due to injuries.

"I started taking lessons with Josh in my first year of midget and I played AA baseball. I joined the Academy later in the fall and the influence of the Academy and Josh's instruction have helped me to grow as an athlete and as an adult. Josh is a great coach who pushes you to work hard and always make adjustments. After my first year with the Academy I played with the AAA Prairie Pirates and now that I am done midget baseball I am going to attend the Prairie Baseball Academy in Lethbridge. He has also taught me important lessons on how to be a young man. Here are a few of them, hold yourself and others accountable for their actions. Work hard and with a purpose and always be confident. After one of our practices Josh gave us a piece of paper titled Bulldogma and it contained a list of traits that he expected us to have. I have this paper on my wall at home with me still. The Academy has been a positive influence for me and I am proud to say that I played there." -Kaiden


LANE Roggensack

Lane is currently training to play with the Victoria Golden Tide in Victoria, B.C.

"I came to the Bulldog Baseball Academy to better prepare myself for my next college season. After the first training session with Coach Josh I saw huge improvements in my delivery, and I continue to make breakthroughs every day. Coming to the Bulldogs Baseball Academy was one of the best decisions I have made to improve my physical and mental game." - Lane


JAYDON Gartner

Jaydon started training with the Bulldogs in 2017 and committed to the Prairie Baseball Academy in 2019. After his sophomore season he transferred to Mount Olive University, where he currently plays.

"I first met Josh when he came to coach the AAA Northwest Prairie Pirates. As the year went on Josh told me I had a lot of potential and would like to work with me more to improve. That’s why I joined the Bulldogs Academy to improve myself as a ball player. Time with Josh made me become a better athlete on and off the field but also as an adult. Josh always told us to work hard and do it with a purpose and if you do that opportunities would come to you. My time at the Academy has given me opportunities and that’s why I will be attending the Prairie Baseball Academy in Lethbridge. In my short time with the Academy, I'm proud to call myself a Bulldog." - Jaydon